Brielle, Braxton, Brycen and Brewer Coats

The Coats family children, Brielle, Braxton, Brycen, Brewer, died tragically during a house fire at their residence Thursday, May 5, 2022. The siblings were the children of Matt and Danielle (Doemel) Coats. 

     Brielle Sarah Coats, 9, was the sunshine that brightened everyone’s day. She had a way of walking into a room and instantly making the whole room her friend. Her beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes helped that amazing smile just make you melt. Her voice did not let that pretty little soul down either. She loved to sing and read. She would always just make up songs as she sat and kept herself busy. Never needing others to keep her mind occupied, she could just let her imagination run wild at any moment she chose. Her love for humans was rivaled only by her love for animals. This girl never ran into an animal she didn’t want to pour all her love into. Brielle wanted nothing more than to follow in her mother’s footsteps and ride her horse in the rodeo - as soon as she was a famous singer, of course. She also had a passion for sports like her big sister, Bristol. She was the type of athlete that would bring her teammates up with her gleaming personality. When her friends would score a goal, she would be the first to celebrate their success by cartwheeling across the field. Brielle loved Disney movies, with her favorite being “Encanto”. She loved to stroll around the house singing, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Somehow, that girl was able to have the best characteristics of all the Disney princesses. She was going to Disney World for her 10th birthday and could not wait. Since she was in Florida already, as she would say, but only when she was in mom’s belly, I think the only thing she wanted more than seeing Disney world was for her hair to finally grow long like the princesses. When you look up at the sky during the day, you make sure you feel the warmth of her shine, and when you look up at night, you better believe that the brightest star in that sky is our Brielle Sarah Coats.

     Braxton Michael Coats, 7, was the perfect gentleman competitor. With that light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, God needed to take him before he broke too many girls’ hearts.  That boy had a lot of “it’s not you, it’s me” in his future.  Joking aside, Braxton had a way to make everyone fall for him while knowing it when he did.  He had that cool, calm, confidence about him that made him invincible.  Yet behind all that moxie was an even bigger heart. He loved to do anything his big brother Blandon did, while at the same time he was best friends with all of his siblings. He was the one kid that meshed with anyone he was with one on one. But don’t let that sweetness fool you into thinking he was not going to win at whatever he took on. Braxton was right there at the top of his class in everything, just like his big sister Bristol. He would be on Blandon’s video games trying to beat Blandon’s friends. Or, he would be out practicing dribbling so he could be ready for basketball next year and beat Bristol in lightning. On the soccer field, he strived to be the best and fastest kid out there, with his brother Brycen right there, neck and neck. He also enjoyed every animal on the farm and could be caught riding around on a horse or motorized vehicle at any time. He was quite the character when it came to cruising around. Braxton had a smile that could, simply put, cure any pain.  At the same time, he had a temper that could only make you laugh as he would stomp away frustrated when he was told no.He would always come back down five minutes later and melt your heart with an apology.  Every time you see that humble superstar out in the world, that you feel couldn’t be real… know that it is possible because that is who Braxton Michael Coats was.

     Brycen Judd Coats, 6, aka “Fuzz,” had the most generous soul you could ever find. Behind the guilty little smirk was the most caring kid you could meet. If he did happen to get in a little trouble, which was quite often, you could not get mad at him because he would just stick that bottom lip out and make you melt. He always had his little partner in crime, Brewer, and they had an unbreakable love for one another. Always competing for affection with the others, his passion was helping others out. You would know how happy this kid was always, with that huge smile; just go and look at every picture ever taken of him. He loved to use tools and try to be like his dad or big brother, Blandon. He would always tell his mom that he was going to build her a shed when she was sleeping. He liked to show off his athletic skills and his ridiculous strength, so he could be like his big sister, Bristol. He was probably the only six-year-old that could do 10 pull-ups and then carry in the 50-pound bag of dog food. Fuzz had a special bond with his dog, JuJu, and just about every single puppy that he held. If you didn’t know where he was, you could often find him sleeping in the puppy pen. His absolute favorite hobby was being like Evil Knievel on his dirt bike. He purchased his first dirt bike on his mom’s phone without telling us, but then out came that lip and it was a dirt bike for his birthday! He built his own ramp and would wake up at five before school and get ready so that he could go ride laps. This boy would have given you the shirt off his back if you asked him, and he would give you his pants while he was at it. From now on when you look at a puppy, make sure to know that Brycen has blessed that puppy even if it gets a little naughty every now and then. And anything Dad builds from now on will have a little extra love from above.

     Brewer Matthew Coats, 5, was a quiet soul with an infectious little smile. Brewer was different from the rest of littles, as we would call them. Those who got to know Brewer, put in the effort. Brewer was the kindest little man, but he would make you earn his trust. Once you did, he would never let you go. Whenever he was upset, he would just fall right where he stood and just wait until his mother would save him. He loved every animal he would touch. He would just pick up the family skunk, cat, racoon, you name it, and walk all over the house with it. He loved to raise the puppies and would be upset if you told him they were too little to hold. He would listen, though and curl up next to the pen and fall asleep. He loved to help his mother with everything and took a special liking to baking. We would always have to worry about those little hands touching the hot stove while he and his big brother, Blandon, would be out cooking. His major love, though, was Nerf guns and his bow and arrow. While his brothers would be riding the dirt bike, he would be shooting arrows at the bales of hay. I remember when he fired a real arrow right over his mother’s head. But he too was one that you could not stay mad at long. In the house, he would always be getting everyone with his Nerf gun and his aim was a little too good for a five-year-old. Brewer also liked to ride anything as well. He would ride his gator all around the yard until the battery would die, and then charge it up and do it again. Anytime he would hear the Bobcat start, he would be asking for a ride. If Mom was out by the horses, guess what Brewer was riding? Next time you find yourself hunting, cooking or doing anything you love and you feel that sense of pride, just know that it is little Brewer Coats letting you know you earned a place in his heart. 

     Surviving the children are parents, Matt and Danielle Coats; brother Blandon; sister Bristol; grandparents Debbie Coats, Andrew (Sherri) Doemel and Jill (Chris) Ruedinger; great-grandparents Gloria Frees, Cele Ruedinger, Ardine Barry and Willis Stine; aunts and uncles Karen Coats, Victoria and Dennis Larsen, Jennifer and Kevin Lieski, Beau Doemel and Jordan Brown; along with numerous cousins. 

     They were preceded in death by great-grandparents Judd Frees, Lyle and Patricia Coats, William and Doris Frost, Jerry and Sue Doemel, and Mark Ruedinger.

     A memorial funeral service will be held Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 115 N. 5th St., in Black River Falls, WI., at 4 p.m. Pastor Karl Kremer of Oskosh, WI., will officiate. Friends may call on the family during a visitation from 2 to 4 p.m. when the service will begin. 

     The Torgerson Funeral Home, 408 N. Water St., in Black River Falls is serving the family. (715) 284-4321.

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